Kangaroo on Blue Applique Blanket

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The kangaroo applique blanket is the very first applique design that Lucy put on a blanket. It is still the only one that has a separate toy. The baby joey can come out of the mother’s pouch. This blanket is a classic and good for boys or girls.  My favorite customer story ever was when a lady told me she came to a show to buy her son a full blanket to take to college, but when she told him she was coming he responded with “mom, I am taking my kangaroo to college.”  She said he had had his kangaroo blanket since he was born and would never give it up.  She also said he was 6’4″ and needed a bigger blanket.  She got him a big blanket for college, which he loves, but he still uses his kangaroo blanket when he is home.  This kangaroo applique is on baby blue, with a darker blue back. If you would like a different color for the front or back, then write what color you want in the “order notes” during checkout. The Color Palette page shows the standard choices. You may choose any solid color you like at no charge.