Eight Oaks Hex Sign 48×58 Special

$159.00 $119.00

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This Hex Sign applique blanket features an eight oak leaf hex sign. An acorn centers this sign of eight oak leaves. The leaves are each a different earth tone color. The circle is a ruddy red ochre. The ring is a deep dark almost black brown. The front is a medium brown. The back is dark chocolate brown. The blanket is our standard first size, 48 by 58 inches. This blanket is already made. So, no changes in color or size can be made at the special price. There is only one of these; it’s first come first serve.

Why is this blanket discounted? Lucy simply doesn’t have the room to bring all the blankets she has made over the years to every show. Some blankets got left behind more and more or never taken at all. So we wanted to make them available here, at a discount.