Dragon Puppet Large




The Large Dragon Puppet was the first dragon puppet pattern that Lucy designed. Originally this pattern was created as a special order for a man that was in a renaissance parade. He wanted a dragon puppet and said it needed to be big so people could see it from far away while he was in the parade, but it needed to be light weight because the parade was over 2 miles long.  Lucy created this large dragon puppet that is over 5 feet long, and designed it to sit on the arm and shoulder of the person working the puppet. This designed allowed for the weight of the puppet to be on the shoulder and not all carried by your arm. We have continued making this large dragon puppet and sell it to both adults and kids. Younger customers will work the mouth of the dragon and have it laying across both of their shoulders. The mouth access is between the front two feet. The wings are a dragon wing gold color. This dragon is only pictured in red but we make in several colors similar to our medium dragon colors. If you would like a color other than red, please let us know and we will see what we have available.