Hippo Puppet




The open mouth hippo toy was one of Lucy’s earliest creations. The Hippo puppet was one of the first stuffed toys that Lucy transformed into a puppet. The pattern we use to make the hippo toy and puppet are literally the exact same pieces, other than the sleeve in the puppet that accesses the working mouth through the belly. The hippo is fully stuffed and works both as a puppet and a huggable toy, as a result he is one of my favorites.  When you are not using him as a puppet, you would never know he wasn’t just a fun stuffed toy. The Hippo puppet is about 21 inches long.  The mouth is very big, as it should be in a hippo, but it works well. One trick to help close the mouth when you are working the puppet is to close your hand and then literally make a fist and pull in on the material from inside the mouth. I just love this puppet.