Bird Stomper Puppet


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The Stomper Bird Puppet is the very first puppet Lucy designed and made. That was over 50 years ago, and Stomper is still our number one selling puppet. I guess it is because he has a lot of personality. From head to toe Stomper is about 22 inches tall. While the legs and feet are stuffed the body and head are not, which allows the puppet to be very malleable. Stomper is easy to work as a puppet and makes lots of fun faces with the big orange beak. Everybody likes the bright beak and feet. Lucy makes the length of the legs and feet just the right length for Stomper to do his favorite trick of swinging his leg and catching his foot in his mouth. The main two colors we always have are the yellow and the black and white Stomper.  If you have seen us at a craft show, then you know we make Stomper in lots of fun and crazy materials as they are available. If you are looking for a color you saw at a show or just wondering what else we may have available, please feel free to contact us.